Monday, August 17, 2009

Whadaya expect? It's Monday!

Well, I have gotten my ass kicked at on-line backgammon today, TWICE! Hee hee hee, big fucking deal. It's still both fun, AND fascinating that I can sit on my couch, and talk to while playing a game with someone over 6000 miles away. Truly a modern miracle.
I am getting concerned about my being able to guest host the show on the 27th. I am not doing well today, and haven't been for the last couple of days. The thing is quite simply this; I don't want to not be able to meet the obligation at the last minute and leave everyone hanging. Cutter will be staying up until midnite his time to do something I asked him to do, and bail at the last minute. So, sadly I am seriously considering canceling this appearance and moving it back some. I just don't know. It's agonizing to make this decision, until I remember that it isn't about me.

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