Thursday, August 20, 2015

It has been an honor to be a programmer at KZFR and play the Blues into the night for so many people around the world. When I stop and think about it, the fact that I have listeners in so many places outside the area, hell, outside the country amazes me. Australia, Finland, the UK, Brazil, and in the US Indiana, Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, is humbling. I have such dedicated listeners that they will nap during the day, so that they can set their alarm clock at 1am to catch the show. I am sure that a major part of this dedication is their love for the same music that I love so much, and it's not easy to find somewhere that is playing it. But, that doesn't keep me from feeling it is an honor to serve these listeners.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Difficult Times Just Ain't Easy

For much of my life, I have considered writing, journaling, keeping a diary, however one wants to label it a good idea. At least for me, it is access to my authentic self, where what I truly believe is not only made safe, it is encouraged to seek truth fearlessly and not merely settle for fact. When writing, no matter what I have been doing, or how I have been doing it, no matter what I think, or how I have been thinking it... well you get the picture. I am the best version of myself. During the time I am sitting here in front of my computer, which the ability to express myself in the ways I have been describing is actually a quite new avenue of expression for me. Until just the last few weeks/months of this year the only way I could plumb those depths was to put pen to paper and literally write. I could then transfer the thoughts to an electronic medium, but for some reason the extra step was too much, and I just stopped doing it altogether, and for this I suffered deeply in many ways. Well now that the ice is broken again  perhaps I will have more regular offerings to share which will hopefully lead to more of what seems to result from my regular writing; spiritual growth and/or evolution for me personally, and when a reader takes an interest, once in a while I either deepen an existing friendship or on occasion make a new one. Any of those results I find to be satisfactory.
Until the next time, you may be able to catch me on the radio. My next scheduled show is December 4th, however I may ask for another programmer to substitute for me this time. I do however plan on doing my next scheduled show which is .... January 1st 2015 !!!!! If my friends are any indication, and they usually are, then you had a year in 2014 you would most likely be happy to see it getting smaller in your "rearview mirror" as soon as can be. I totally agree, 'cause I had one like that too. SO, I accept the challenge AND the responsibility of getting that started. HOW you say???? Well it just so happens, that I have a radio show, and at 10pm PST, 12am CST, 1am EST Thursday January 1, 2015, I am coming out guns blazin' to put a smile back on your face with some killer Blues! As a matter of fact, I would like some input from y'all on what the first song, of the first show might should be? I am going to post this on Facebook, sooooo you can either respond there, or the comments are enabled here, so you can answer here as well, or BOTH! I intend to make my show much more accessible to you from now on, so I will be asking things like this from time to time. For instance, what Blues artist would you like to get to know better? I can do my best to get them on the show, and who knows I may even work out a way for one of you to be in the studio and help me do the interview. Cool huh? So, let that be something you are thinking about and right before spring, we'll see what we can do.
Stage lights and peace pipes,
(the salutation was borrowed from Cutter Brandenburg)

Monday, July 29, 2013

A New Day ....

I have to say, being a programmer at a community radio station didn't appear on my radar until about a year and a half ago. Even then I wasn't totally convinced it was something that I wanted to seriously pursue. Yeah, sitting in with the other hosts from time to time was pretty cool. After all, you would be hard pressed to find another human being anywhere that loves the Blues more than I do. Over the years, I have driven people crazy "sharing" my love of this genre of music that is oh so American. I am an admitted geek when it comes to this music. I read anything I can get my hands on, listen closely and carefully for hours and hours on end, absorbing into my soul each and every note. There are more than a few artists I find are so powerful they easily bring tears to my eyes as I listen to them weave their magic. Surprisingly, that isn't just guitar players.

However, let me cover them first. There are a few that really stand out to me; Duanne Allman is one of the most powerful, AND soulful artists that have ever picked up the instrument. It seems as though he knows just exactly how to touch my soul. Whether it be with a blistering run the length of the neck, the slide he could make speak, or that growl that shook the very building he was in. He was truly an artist. Michael Bloomfield, has to be heard to be believed. IMHO the first American guitar hero, he was a not only a student of the Blues, but a true master. One of the founding members of the Butterfield Blues Band, Michael's playing is also a true thing of beauty. He is one of the players that guitar players are still being listened to with awe and reverence. His playing both powerful and sweet, single string or blazing soulful runs, acoustic or electric, and also dropping a slide in at will, a thing of beauty. Eric Clapton has strayed at times away from the Holy music I hold so dear, but at heart, he is now, and always has been a Bluesman to his core. He too is a student, and when he crosses his legs, throws his head back and through barely open eyes shares his heartache and pain with those six strings, well, he too is a true artist. Of those I will mention here, he is the only one I have met and spent time with. A friend has played drums for him off and on for over twenty years and gave me the chance to meet him. He is truly one of the most gracious and pleasant people I have ever met. Now, last here but certainly not least, is my personal favorite Stevie Ray Vaughan. Again, IMHO the most powerful and soulful player ever. I don't even know where to start with SRV. The speed, tone, and obvious soul set him apart from most.

A Class Act- Laurie Morvan

 In this day and age, when one comes across an organization of people that are first class from the very first word spoken, it is a cause for celebration. At least in my eyes. I am new to the world of radio, at least as a on air personality. I am a fan, and as a fan, with but a little experience dealing with artists, and those around them who are charged with protecting them, it can be very difficult getting things done. Many can be stand-offish ( I am attempting to be polite here) to down right rude and difficult to the point of making a request ANY request seem like it is a bother to them. You can end up feeling as though you have somehow committed trespass and are told in no uncertain terms it was not welcome. That is if they decide to either answer your call, or find the time to return one. That is one way it can go. Then there is the organization connected to the Laurie Morvan Blues Band.

From the very first word of the very first phone call, I was treatred as a welcome guest. The US booking agent for Laurie, a lovely woman named Ann Wild made me feel from the beginning that she was thrilled that I had called and was ready to help me in any way she could. She made it clear to me that she was there to assist me, and with a friendly and attentive tone that was obviously geniune my requst for an interview with Laurie live on my radio show was treated with a deep respect. We discussed dates, discovered that the first date I suggested that Laurie was playing two shows that night, but she would love to do the interview AFTER PLAYING TWO SHOWS and even if it only left a short time for it.

What a wonderful day!!!!!


Today was one of the best days I have had in, well, since I don't remember when. Why? Because I was able to be part of doing something for a friend that I had failed miserably at for almost two years. I am not going to be specific because I only want to share my joy, not draw attention to myself  and pat myself on the back like I am a big deal. I am not. Enough about me. What really happened was I once again discovered how wonderful it feels to do something for someone you care deeply about, something that makes their life better by showing them how valuable they are, that they still have value in this world and are valued. That puts them back in control of their life, based completely on what they have to offer. All I did was put people together, and hope for the best. Today, the best of all outcomes is what happened. I am so filled with joy because I brought joy to another.

Well, that's it for this entry I think. Perhaps in the coming days I will share in detail what took place today. If the suspense  is just too much for you, perhaps you can search my Timeline and figure it out. Want a hint? I'll give you two; the picture in this post, and, it has something to do with music.

Friday, January 27, 2012

At Last

Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a while. I re-took
the programmer certification test, and passed it, then, was asked by
John Miles to sit in for him and do the radio show by myself for the first
time. I do not fool myself, there is plenty of room to improve. That being
said, I think I did a decent job. So, it was a good beginning. Actually, it was
suprisingly, measurably, easier being there by myself without any distractions. There was a minimal amount of dead air between songs, and I was nearly dead on timewise getting to the underwriters credits and the station ID that is a requirement of the FCC. Not a "perfect" show, but by God it's a pretty good way to start. I am pretty happy with it, and it gives me confidence that I can indeed do this.

Yep, I had a good time and it is so nice to have something that I love to do again. I have always loved putting things together, figuring out how to make it better, I love the feeling of improving what I am doing a little every time I do it. It is also nice to know that I can still do it..........STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 BE GONE!!!

Since I retired from working, I have struggled with many things on a daily basis. Self-worth and feeling I had purpose and value are at the top of the list. This has has many negative effects on my life as one could easily imagine. It has made me doubt myself and my value to others, which to some is a very annoying thing and I fear has cost me a friend, or two. As I deeply value each and every friendship, it saddens me deeply when my need for approval pushes someone away. If I could tell those who became frustrated with my self-doubt one thing it would be this; If you only knew how few people I DO trust and value opinions from and what I look for in people I do allow in my life, maybe you wouldn't be so quick to walk away. I don't ever really tell people exactly what it is that I face every day and have to deal with. If I did, well....... I'm not going to start now either.

I have made a deal with my closest friends to try and make 2012 a comeback year for all of us and I by God intend to keep my word. So, good riddance 2011! The self-doubt is over, I live with pain that would paralyze most people and I STILL refuse to give in to that. I slipped this last year and allowed the depression and hopeless feelings to rule. No more.