Monday, July 29, 2013

A Class Act- Laurie Morvan

 In this day and age, when one comes across an organization of people that are first class from the very first word spoken, it is a cause for celebration. At least in my eyes. I am new to the world of radio, at least as a on air personality. I am a fan, and as a fan, with but a little experience dealing with artists, and those around them who are charged with protecting them, it can be very difficult getting things done. Many can be stand-offish ( I am attempting to be polite here) to down right rude and difficult to the point of making a request ANY request seem like it is a bother to them. You can end up feeling as though you have somehow committed trespass and are told in no uncertain terms it was not welcome. That is if they decide to either answer your call, or find the time to return one. That is one way it can go. Then there is the organization connected to the Laurie Morvan Blues Band.

From the very first word of the very first phone call, I was treatred as a welcome guest. The US booking agent for Laurie, a lovely woman named Ann Wild made me feel from the beginning that she was thrilled that I had called and was ready to help me in any way she could. She made it clear to me that she was there to assist me, and with a friendly and attentive tone that was obviously geniune my requst for an interview with Laurie live on my radio show was treated with a deep respect. We discussed dates, discovered that the first date I suggested that Laurie was playing two shows that night, but she would love to do the interview AFTER PLAYING TWO SHOWS and even if it only left a short time for it.

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