Friday, August 28, 2009

My Buddy Rich

Today, I want to give a "holla" to two of the most generous people to cross my path. That is Rich Diamond and his wife Paula. After I retired, I of course had time that needed filling. Soooooooo, after receiving a laptop as a Christmas gift, and the world of the internet was opened up to me, my life was enriched.

I have always loved the Blues. Over the years, I had managed to build a fairly respectable music collection. One night, most of it was stolen. Since I had retired, and had my own finacial meltdown (another story for another time), the music I loved so much was gone. Some of the titles in my collection were fairly rare, so I was pretty much sure that my beloved music was gone forever. I would now be at the mercy of the radio etc. to hear it.

Well, after a chance meeting online with another angel, this would eventually change. Let me go to the Readers Digest version of this story. The other "angel",
Lizzie Richardson, who is a research genius, discovered that there was VIDEO that I had no idea even existed. Weeeeeelllllllll, during a hunt for a particular item, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King, In Session, I sent an email that would make my life better.

The email was sent to Rich, through a You Tube posting he had made. I asked him if he had the video I was looking for. He said he didn't, but had a list of music I might find interesting. Boy did I. We swapped emails, spoke on the phone, and got to know each other. He is a friend of Buddy Guy's, I LOVE Buddy Guy, and was lucky enough to visit Buddy's club Legends earlier the previous year. Anyway, I told Rich in the course of our conversations, that I would JUST LOVE to have a copy of everything on his list. First, he sent me 50. 50!!!!! I was humbled by his generosity. Then, as a Christmas gift, he sent me what I had jokingly said I has wanted, copies of his WHOLE collection!! Also, his wonderful wife Paula, had a stamp made that had the initals SRV and a Fender Strat that I could use on correspondence, etc.

He isn't feeling to good these days, and I just wanted he and Paula to know, how deeply grateful I am for their generosity. I thank you with every fiber of my being.

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