Monday, August 24, 2009

No Ordinary Moments........

There are No Ordinary Moments....... this was a core message in one of Dan Millman's Peaceful Warrior series of books. Life is so difficult these days, that it is only now sinking in what this phrase means, to me. My life has been blessed over the years with such abundance, so many bright and warm memories that could sustain one for a lifetime standing alone. Just today, 54 + years after my birth, I can say those memories of money, cars, and other such nonsense aren't what gets me through the day. Rather, it is the small, usually gentle rememberances of....... well, moments.

All I can say is this, without the special moments of my life, when friendship has been demonstrated not spoken about, when my little dog climbs up on my chest and nuzzles me while I lay on the couch in pain, moments. The biggest paycheck I ever received doesn't hold a candle to how that feels. Moments. What a huge word.

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