Monday, August 17, 2009

Decision made

One thing I am very glad about in my life, is that some very, very wise men drilled into my granite like head and into my dim wits, is, to not over-analyze things. Collect the facts, examine them with a critical eye, notice everything, then pull the trigger. Decision making is less about the making the decision known, and is ALL ABOUT GETTING GOOD INFORMATION FOR EXAMINATION. They also insisted that I consider two items not directly connected to the information. Is it the "right" thing to do, and this, "what would it be like if EVERYBODY did it". Of course it immediately became clear that if it was right was the thing that really mattered. Through this they taught me that satisfaction has many homes, has many faces, and is just different sometimes. It is up to us to be paying enough attention to our walk to accomplish the simple task of identifying the cause and effect of our lives. If you are paying attention even some of the time, these things are clearer. Hmm, I like being able to rant and see no rolling eyes or frozen smiles, or deep sighs of boredom.

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