Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heart prints........

There are days when my heart breaks wide open. When this blessed event happens, I am often overwhelmed with gratitude. You may ask, but why? Ok, I can answer that. To begin my answer, I will ask a couple of questions; how much do you feel? Do you see all the reasons to be filled with gratitude?

Most of the time, it's something really small for me. Today, it was when I gave my little dog, Rambo, a bath. In the kitchen sink, back and knees screaming with pain.... but, he looked up at me, with such love... You see, he has been getting eaten up by fleas, and I don't have enough money to tke him to the groomer. He never complained, he just loved me. It is a very emotinal subject for me, tears roll as I write now, and I will have to finish another time. If we could only learn to love like a little dog.

Be grateful, ALLOW yourself to see the small things. Like the giant heart, and love, of a little dog.

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