Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thursday's playlist.... well, almost

Today I spent a good deal of my day working and RE-working my playlist for the first hour of the show. It was a bit frustrating, but it didn't take me long to remember why I was doing it, which of course made me smile. Since I refuse to complain about abundance, let me just say that I am blessed with many, MANY, hours of the best Blues ever played from which to choose. It is a complete embarrassment of riches that I am deeply grateful to have, and do not bother waiting for me to apologize for having it. Hey! I share.

I'll post the final decision on Thursday, so far the first 3 tunes are the only ones that won't change and they are; Stevie Ray Vaughan and Buddy Guy- Mary Had A Little Lamb from Buddy's birthday at Legends in 1986, a choice made by my dear friend Richie D., and also important as it was dedicated to "Rockin'" Robin, Cutter and Peggy Brandenburg's baby boy on Texas Flood. #2 is Buddy Guy from his newest release Living Proof, " Where the Blues Begins", #3 is also Buddy from Damn Right I Got the Blues, "Remembering Stevie". After that I will be including my friend Long John Hunter, Canadian powerhouse Downchild, and Big Mama Thornton with the Muddy Waters Blues Band. It's gonna be a real fun night. Tune in at

www.kzfr.org at 10pm PST.

see ya then !!!!!!

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