Saturday, May 21, 2011

1st show in the can

Well. for better or for worse, the 1st show in my new position as a legit member of the team is behind me. Over all it wasn't too bad a performance for a rookie, yet there is definite areas needing attention and improvement. Which is to be expected. I do feel I have some strengths already, such as the choices of music I play. I have already been milldly taken to task by a harmonica playing friend, that it seems like I play alot of Blues that has the guitar as the focal instrument. To that I say as Medea might, "WELL PUT THE HELL TO THE YEAH!" I am guilty as charged and am not the least bit sorry about it so get over it. This is an area that will change ONLY as I become aware of music that I like, artists that I want to support, whim or good humored needling from a mouth breather won't shake me. I am a rock.

This week I had the distinct pleasure of introducing Daniel Castro into the play rotation at KZFR, well as soon as they get thier own copies of Daniel's music. They ain't gettin mine. heeheehee. All in all it was a good show, I had a few spots that were a bit rough to me, but my friend that listens regularly said they didn't come across on the air, so that's a good thing. The running of the board will be directly affected and improved the more I do it, so that is an area needing attention for sure but is already on the way to being solved. I really love having a voice that reaches out into the world allowing me to share the music that I love so much and in turn maybe help in some small way the artists that give so much of themselves to make the music. I am just at the beginning of this, and it really feels good being new at something and I had nearly forgotten how good it feels to do something that you really love to do.

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