Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Journey Begins

My journey into the world of community radio as an on-air personality is about to begin. I freely admit that as the day draws near, I feel a growing excitement. To put it plainly? I can't wait!!!! The last several days my dear friend R.D. has been sending me music almost non-stop, and let me say this, IT'S GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A SHOW!!! John Miles will be flying right seat, co-pilot as such, to be there to asisst me should I run into any problems, and for that I am grateful. It is my hope he will have nothing to do except enjoy the show along with our listeners. This first show is gonna be filled with up-beat, joy-filled Blues shuffles. Lots of driving harp, hair-raising horns, rock- solid rhythm sections, blistering guitar work and vocals dripping with the soul, love, and pain that make the Blues, the Blues.

In the music that has entered my collection these past few days, are some "new" artists that I just know you will love as much as I do. There will also be some that have been around that I just plain missed, hee hee hee, get ready folks! In upcoming shows, I will continue to do live interviews with great artists, and I am honored to say, Gabriel Butterfield, son of the late, great harmonica genius Paul Butterfield and we will celebrate his life, talk about the upcoming documentary on his life, and explore the contributions of this pioneer. I am really looking forward to that show, all contacts so far have been a pure joy. There will be as many Blues legends as I can lasso in, Texas Blues legend, and my friend, Long John Hunter will join us on the show. No. CA resident, and soulful performer Daniel Castro will also pay us a visit, and there will be more.

The music is the real star of this show. I have always loved the Blues and am deeply humbled and filled with joy that I was asked to become part of this show. All I can say is this, tune in Thursdays at 10:00 pm PST on the internet at; , or 90.1 FM if you are in our listening area. Put the furniture against the walls, put the kids and pets in another room (hearing protected of course) and turn the volume up and love the Blues with us every Thursday night.

See ya there!!!!!

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