Monday, September 7, 2009

What ever happened to?????????????????

Photo credit: Jack Morris
What ever happened to being able to find even a few minutes of peace in a day. In the world today, it comes at you from all angles and at the speed of light, no let-up, no warning. The government is staggering, stumbling, looking for any way to save face. I was so hopeful when Obama was elected, that we would finally have in place a man that knew what is was like to be without, to be different than those around him and know that is was ok. That if you helped your fellow man, if you were kind, walked a mile in the other man's shoes, that truth and fairness would surely come your way. Now, it appears that our civilization is crumbling around us. Greed is everywhere you look. You can't even stop a subscription without the company charging you an extra month hoping you won't say anything, OR, making it so fucking frustrating that you just give in and let them screw you out of it. Banks are finding every way they can to wring every cent they can while providing less and less service. It makes one wonder how they got in such poor shape. Oh yeah, huge bonuses for executives that are incompetent at best. We little people are in deep deep trouble, no health care, too high taxes with no benefits, and on and on. I'm so depressed right now I just need to sleep.

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