Friday, September 11, 2009

These Days

Today, I became aware of a change that has happened in me, I specify the location because it is an important difference. Hopefully, as I write this, my words will make this clear.
For a while now, say oh, the last year or so, what I am drawn to for entertainment, ie, TV shows, music, etc., are things that touch me deeply. I have been watching certain movies that I have, often. Most of them are inspirational in some way, and are based on real events. I also watch alot of the great guitar players on DVD, performing live and with great emotion, skill, and a joy that fills my heart to over-flowing. There are two DVD's that I seem to watch at least part of daily. The one that is my clear favorite, and for my money showcases possibly the greatest performance ever caught on film by any guitar player, is the 1983 performance by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble at the El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada. " Live at the El Mocambo" quite simply will put you back in your seat if you let it. Stevie just plain plays his ass off. Watch his face, its obvious that every single note is deeply personal, his face shows us this is from his heart, sweat pouring off him as he plays. He shares with us his passion for this music, and the depth of his gratitude that he was chosen to receive the gift of making music. He loved the music he played, and he loved playing it for us. The other DVD, I will talk about next time.
Until then, I suggest to you just this; find something that makes you feel, I mean feel, no bullshit FEEL. The way it is out in the world makes us build a shell around us for protection, hell, for survival. But FEEL everyday. It's im portant.

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